Software - The Captain's Log Working Memory Skill

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Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: BrainTrain
Rental Terms: For use in Lab
The ability to hold data in working memory is vital for functioning in the workplace and in school. In addition, it is now known to be an important key for maintaining mental acuity and for improving the performance of people with attention problems.
The Working Memory Module makes it fun and interesting for folks of all ages to improve their cognitive abilities. Use these higher level exercises to create a training plan that will help you develop the kind of mental agility that is critical for success at work and at school.

“Code Cracker” (shown to the right) is one example of 225 different exercises in the Captain’s Log Working Memory Module. These modules train Working Memory, General Attention, Visual Perception, Auditory Processing, and Fine Motor Control.

Captain's Log builds attention, reasoning, memory, listening skills, impulse control, processing speed...the basic skills you need for academic and life success.

This software is installed on a laptop and ready for loan.