Software - ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

SKU: 2306
Availability: Available for Loan in Salem Only
Manufacturer: Ai Squared
Rental Terms: Included with laptop rental
Will magnification allow you easier access to the computer?

Borrow this laptop and try ZoomText; an advanced magnifying program with a screenreader.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader will allow you to enlarge, enhance and read aloud everything on the computer screen.

So give your eyes a rest. Use ZoomText to read your documents, web pages and email – right through your computer’s speakers.

Features Include:
Automatically speaks all program controls, including menus, dialogs, list views and messages

Three verbosity levels give you complete control over the amount of information spoken.
Reads any web page, in the proper reading order

Ability to allow Zoomtext to read entire document automatically or manually navigate by word, line, sentence and paragraph

Built in support for popular applications – including Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook), Adobe Acrobat 8. Adobe Reader 8, Firefox 2.0 and Java