Switch - Magical Mystery Switch

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Yes it's a switch -- but the Magical Mystery Switch is so much more!

Designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities, the Mystery Switch operates in two different ways:

First, Multicolored LED lights can be turned on to attract the user's attention and encourage him/her to touch the cloth ball in the center to activate the switch, or leave the light off and let the individual explore the Magical Switch independently. 
Once the ball is touched, the lights come on, the switch vibrates, and a gentle breeze is produced. And for more exploration -- connect the Magical Mystery Switch to a toy or appliance and watch the learning continue. 

The cloth ball can be removed for cleaning.

The Magical Mystery Switch measures: 6.5 inches H x 10.5 inches W x 10 inches D, and is operated on 4 double-A and 4 C batteries.