Switch - Swifty and Beam

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Swifty includes an integrated wireless receiver. With Beam™, the infrared transmitter, someone can use adaptive switches without being tethered to the computer.

Swifty is an adaptive switch interface in an extremely compact package. It accepts industry standard 3.5 mm, stereo or mono plugs for directly connecting up to two adaptive switches.
3.5-mm (1/8-inch ) Stereo Jack
• Accepts Mono or Stereo Plugs
• Up to 3-Inputs with Available Beam™
• Wireless Input with Available Beam
• Mouse Button, Joystick Button and Keyboard Emulation 
• Works with Windows, Mac and Linux 

The Beam is generally used by those with adaptive switches that wish to break the hard connection between the switch and the HeadMouse or Swifty. Often this is a power wheelchair owner that wants independence from an attendant for connecting and disconnecting his or her switch. 

For a Swifty user, the Beam sends up to three button events that Swifty interprets as mouse buttons, joystick, buttons or keyboard keys based on Swifty configuration. 

The Beam uses low power infrared light to communicate with the HeadMouse Extreme or Swifty much like a television remote control.