Tablet Accessory - Hand-e-Holder

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Manufacturer: HAND-e-holder Products Inc.
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The Hand-e-holder is a universal tablet holder. This easy-to-use, versatile holder is helpful for people who want to ergonomically enjoy the full benefit of tablet technology. Hand-e-holder provides both hand-held and hands-free answers to the problem of how to securely and functionally use a tablet.

Handling your tablet device can sometimes prove awkward since its stability depends upon the secure grip of your hand. Have you ever had to say “I dropped my iPad?" Well, now there is an innovative product that makes the handling of your tablet device more secure and functional than ever.

The Hand-e-holder is an all-in-one iPad holder, Nook holder, Kindle holder or tablet holder. This versatile holder allows you to use your mobile technology, while retaining a comfortable, secure and functional grip on your device, allowing it to rotate 360 degrees.