Talking Dictionary - Franklin Language Master

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Model: Talking Dictionary
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Spelling can be fun! This Franklin Language Master is specifically designed for more than one user. One person can create a study list of words and, then let a fellow student or family member have their own study list, or use the large screen and display to share a definition or game with a friend.
The Talking Dictionary measures 5 ¾ inches square.
Features Include:

  • 130,000 words
  • 300,000 definitions
  • Over 500,000 synonyms
  • 10,000 antonyms
  • Phonetic Spell Correction
  • ClariSpeech (used for both words and definitions)
  • Grammar Guide
  • 12 word games: Anagrams, Jumble, Word Builder, Flashcards, Spelling Bee, Memory Challenge, Hangman, Word Blaster, Word Train, Deduction, Word Deduction, Letris,
  • User List