Telephone - Digital Amplified Answering Machine-Clearsounds

SKU: 3083
Model: ANS3000
Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $50.00
Manufacturer: ClearSounds
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for first 30 days
The ClearSounds Amplified Digital Answering Machine records all messages digitally and provides quiet, effortless operation. It's the perfect choice for households with users of different hearing needs.

The ANS3000's adjustable playback volume control allows the volume to be increased up to 30 dB to ensure that every message is heard loud and clear. LCD readout shows the number of messages received and each gets labeled with a time/day stamp.


30 dB Adjustable Amplification (10 levels)
Slow Speech message playback with 3 selectable speech speed levels
Big button easy-to-read keypad
30 minutes of digital record time
Remote access - listen to your messages or change your outgoing message by calling in from any touch-tone phone
Call Screening/Intercept – allows you to listen to incoming callers leaving a message without answering the call. To answer the call, simply pick up any phone on the same line
Time/Day Stamp – announces the time and day of each message before playback
Supports 3 languages: English, French, Spanish
Table/wall convertible