Toys - My First Driving School

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Remote control slot cars -- how cool is that!
Get Ready, Get Set, RACE!

With these two specially adapted remote control steering wheels, your kids can race these slot cars around the track.

Each remote has two gumball switches, or you can use attach your own capability switches to control the speed, as well as to move your car forward or to turn. 

The set includes a racing track, signs, and two remote control cars that pack neatly in a carrying case that doubles as a mat for the track. The track easily snaps together. The track measures 27" to 40"L x 20"W and the unit requires 12 AAA Batteries.

The set encourages the child to coordinate colors, construct the layout, use their imagination, exercise control over the many actions of the vehicles, and build dexterity.                                                                                                              

Features include:
Easy set up Jigsaw style puzzle track pieces
Easy to carry & store in its folding bag
Reproduction car's horn
Ability to turn and change lanes

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