TV Amplifier - DirectEar PLS-SET810

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Do you experience a hearing loss that makes it difficult to understand your favorite television program? Advanced infrared technology in the Personal Listening Systems are designed to improve television listening enjoyment for individuals with or without hearing aids. The DirectEar SET 810 by Sennheiser, is easy-to-install and easy-to-use. Features include stethoset receiver, automatic on/off, large volume control, stereo or mono operation for total integration with the sound source, and an external microphone for easy connection to televisions not equipped with an audio output signal. Providing up to 600 sq feet of coverage, the DirectEar SET 810 allows you the ability adjust the receiver’s volume louder or softer to achieve your desired listening level, while also keeping the Television’s volume at a comfortable listening level of others who are watching TV, are in the next room, or who might be sleeping.
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