Recreation - Wii Console

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Manufacturer: Nintendo of America Inc.
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Nobody does motion-control gaming quite like Wii. Fun and intuitive gameplay enhanced by your own body's movements will get the entire family up and off the couch for unforgettable gaming sessions. 

Whether you're five or 95, fully mobile or in a wheelchair, there's a great game waiting for you with Wii. From fitness games, sports, and racing titles to timeless adventures and more, everyone in your family will find something to enjoy. 

Gaming with motion controls is a fun, active, and intuitive experience, and nobody does it quite like Wii. With games that give you the feeling of playing your favorite sports activities, and adventures that put a sword in your hand like never before, your own body's movements are used to interact with the games — thanks to the Wii Remote Plus controller in your hand. It responds to motion and rotation for enhanced control as you swing, swipe, thrust, or turn the controller.

You can stream thousands of TV episodes and movies right from your Wii console using Netflix. All you need is a Netflix streaming account, and wireless broadband Internet access.
There are several benefits of using the Wii in rehabilitative treatments (commonly termed as Wii-hab), a few of them are: Balance, Hand-eye coordination, Entertainment, Competitive spirit, Extension of therapy to the home, and the Wii Helps With Memory, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Skills.